The Autistic Subject – my new book is out!

After a long production process my new book on the subject of autistic subjectivity is out. You can find it now in e-book version or hard-cover version on the publisher’s website. In the book I progress my thesis that autism is a unique mode-of-being that cannot be reduced to what psychoanalysis defines as neurosis, perversion or psychosis. Moreover, I present my theory of the autistic linguistic spectrum: an alternative to the common Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) framework. In this sense, I argue that autism should not be strictly referred to as a developmental disorder but a subjective vantage point that is fundamentally linked to one’s identity and basic practices of existence. The chapters of the book lay out an argumentative line that engages with many of Jacques Lacan’s insights on the speaking being. However, if you are not interested in a through analysis of Lacanian terms and mostly want to get a glimpse into my linguistic theory of autism, try and read Chapter 7: The Autistic Linguistic Spectrum.

Please feel free to send me questions and engage with this topic freely here or on other platforms. I would love to take part in the discussion—all you need to do is invite me.

Art on the cover of the book by Joshua Mößmer

9 thoughts on “The Autistic Subject – my new book is out!”

    1. I completely understand. Unfortunately, academic publishers do not leave a lot of choice for us academics with prices. I know Palgrave offers substantial discounts once every few months on books and I will post on the website when this happens. Until then, there might be some other avenues to get a hold of the book.

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  1. Hi Leon,

    Your subject matter is particularly fascinating to me, and I must say I am a little disappointed to have only recently heard about your work. My MA thesis was titled ‘With Lacan against Lacan: A study of the transformation of the concept of auto-erotism and its relevance in the psychoanalytic treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorder’. I would be really pleased to send you more details on what I elaborated in my research, and look forward to getting a hold of your book at some point. The Palgrave series has produced some excellent texts on Lacan; Will Greenshields book was an invaluable resource for my understanding of Lacan’s later work.

    Best wishes,



    1. Dear Faisal, thank you for your comment. You are more than welcome to get in touch and send me details of your research. Otherwise, you can find my book in Kindle version as well. It would be wonderful to hear your notes after you’ve read it. Leon.


  2. Hi, I was just after the title and author names (A French pairing from memory?) of a book you mentioned in your interview on Rendering Unconscious on the subject of Autism and Lacanian psychoanalysis. Thanks, Matt.


    1. Dear Matt, thank you for your comment. In my book I translate many texts only available in French by authors such as: Rosine & Robert Lefort, Éric Laurent, and more. The scholar that I mentioned in the video is Jean-Claude Maleval. One of the leading scholars on the subject of autism today, who also agreed to write the forward to the book.


  3. Just in case for those coming across this book and not in the know– Palgrave is having a sale with Ebooks being sold at 11.99, which is… quite the drop down from the roughly 120 dollar price tag Palgrave typically sells at. The sale lasts until December 1st, for those interested.

    Extremely excited to read the book, Dr. Brenner, and hope to share my thoughts on it once I finish.


  4. Hi Leon , fascinating , look forward to reading this just a question. If your an academic speaking about Lacan within your work but have never been in Analysis yourself. When you speak of Lacan do you really know what your talking about. thanks Liam


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