Video Interview on The Autistic Subject

This week my interview with Dr. Vanessa Sinclair was published in her podcast Rendering Unconscious and on YouTube. In the interview I talk about segments of my new book on autism and about my personal involvement with autism. Dr. Sinclair was a gracious interviewer and I hope those of you that are interested in my theory on autism would enjoy this video. Please, write to me or comment to start a discussion or ask questions.

You can also listen to the audio recording on the podcast:

Or on iTunes and Spotify.

4 thoughts on “Video Interview on The Autistic Subject”

  1. Hi Leon, I think perhaps my comment is under the wrong thread! I was wondering if you, or anyone else, knew what became of the two children that Rosine Lefort undertook analysis with in the book. Were they ever followed up with to see what their lives had entailed? Or perhaps to ask their impressions or memories of Lefort?


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