Psychoanalytic Counseling

Dr. Leon Brenner (PhD)

English- and Hebrew-speaking psychoanalytic counselor in Berlin and online.

Lacanian psychoanalytic orientation

The Lacanian Orientation

The fundamental principle of psychoanalysis is to speak freely and say anything that comes to mind without reservation. And indeed, the Lacanian psychoanalytic clinic revolves around one’s speech as it unraveled in analysis. Lacan’s basic viewpoint was that when we speak there is something that speaks through us. “It speaks” (ca parle), he said, referring to the unconscious, acting as a foreign entity, embodied in our words and articulated in our body—through our symptoms. In Lacanian psychoanalysis one speaks in order to transform symptomatic suffering into a desire or a unique type of satisfaction that is fueled by the same source. The analysand (the patient) speaks and and analyst listens. In their elaboration in speech the analysand’s memories, dreams, fantasies, etc. are worked through, aiming at a substantial change of perspective—a change in the position of the subject.

I offer counseling sessions for those interested in the Lacanian orientation. If you are interested in psychoanalytic counseling, in this page you will find basic information that you might find useful.

The Course of the Treatment

Psychoanalytic counseling is a form of psychological counseling that adheres to a case-by-case perspective. Namely, to the assumption that every subject is unique and requires a different course of treatment. Accordingly, the basic working hypothesis is that every analysis is different in its content, in its trajectory, in its frequency and duration. What is common to most counseling sessions is that one speaks freely about anything that comes to mind and engages the issues brought up in depth. This engagement is directed by one’s free associations as well as the counselor’s interventions and interpretations. Sessions usually end at a moment that is important or even crucial, opening up a space for meditation and association between sessions. This is a unique trait of the Lacanian orientation, the fact that sessions are of variable length.

First Counseling

The first few counseling sessions are a good time to start putting things into words. What brought you to seek psychoanalytic counseling? What are the obstacles you aim to work through? In these sessions we will decide as to the extent that psychoanalytic counseling could fit you. After the first few sessions and pending on the decision to proceed, we will decide as to the frequency and duration of your counseling and start working.

Ethical Code

Counseling sessions are open to all identities, genders, and affiliations without reservation. My clinic is open to all forms of alterity and all modes of existence. All the information disclosed in sessions is to remain strictly confidential and will only be delivered to a third party upon one’s request or in serious life or health threatening circumstances. Counseling is supervised by a certified member of the New Lacanian School (NLS) and abides by the ethical framework of the Lacanian orientation.

Fees and Health Insurance

Please take note that counseling sessions cannot be covered by the German health insurance system and can only be paid privately.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation of counseling sessions is to be made 24 hours in advance. Not arriving to a scheduled session, or cancelling without a 24 hour notification in advance, will require covering the full cost of the session according to our agreement. In any other case, sessions can be rescheduled and will not require extra charge.

Emergencies and Medical Advice

Counseling services are not meant to treat illness or medical disease and are not equivalent or alternative to emergency or medical care. In cases where medical advise is needed or cases of emotional or psychological emergency, please contact your local GP or the Berlin Charité emergency clinic: Phone +49 30 450 517 666. Campus Benjamin Franklin, Hindenburgdamm 30, 12200 Berlin.

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