Christmas Break for the Lacan Guided Reading Group in Berlin

The Lacan guided reading group will take a two week vacation in light of the holidays. We will see each other again on the 8th of January, as usual, at 19h – Stillpoint Spaces, Berlin. This January we will start working on our last topic for the current reading round – the love triangle between Socrates, Agathon, and Alcibiades.

In muslim theology one can find a truism that might clarify what would be at stake in our work to come (what we have associated with orthe doxa), it roughly goes like this: Whenever a man is alone with a woman, the devil is the third one present. For the sake of our discussion we will interpret it in the following way: Whenever a lover is alone with a beloved, the object is the third one present. This object, the object cause, will be the main focus of our discussion in the following weeks. It’s function in love, and in transference-love, will be our topic.

Happy holidays, and hope to see you soon.

Leon Brenner

Anselm Feuerbach (1869), Plato’s Symposium

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