New: Lacanian Clinical Supervision Group in Berlin

Concurrent with our work in laLAB (Lacanian Affinities Berlin), this spring will mark the launching of the first semester of our Lacanian clinical supervision group. This group will provide therapists and clinicians who work with patients a place to discuss cases and provide each other with insights that are rooted in the Lacanian orientation. The group will be supervised by Lacanian psychoanalyst Alan Rowan and will convene every two or three weeks. The group will be open to laLAB members as well as new members who work with patients – or are in the process of forming a practice in Berlin – and wish to find an anchoring point in Lacanian psychoanalytic practice.

If you are interested, or know of anyone who would be interested in clinical supervision with a Lacanian orientation in English, please provide your information in the following link. As the group is limited in size, we will schedule a time for a short meeting and interview beforehand.

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