laLAB’s Reading Seminar / The Mirror Stage

laLAB‘s new Lacan reading seminar is starting off next week in my direction. There are still a few places open for new participants. If you are interested please fill out this form. The group is limited in size and places are mostly reserved for people residing in Berlin but there are also a few international openings. We meet every Tuesday at 6pm Berlin time on Zoom. Here are some more details:

The “mirror stage” is one of Jacques Lacan’s most well-received metapsychological models in the English-speaking world. It first appeared in 1949 in Lacan’s collection, Écrits (2006) under the title: “The Mirror Stage as Formative of the I Function as Revealed in Psychoanalytic Experience” (pp. 75–81). In this paper, Lacan integrated numerous fundamental psychoanalytic notions that concern the prototypical psychic components constituting the Freudian ego. 

Lacan posed his thesis of the mirror stage at a time when the Anglo-American school of ego psychology had already gained great popularity in psychoanalytic circles. This school distinguishes itself from classical Freudian psychoanalysis by emphasizing the role of the ego in the psychoanalytic treatment. In contrast, Lacan relegates the ego to a secondary role as an imaginary construct that is fabricated in the psyche as a result of the child’s narcissistic investment in their specular image.

In this seminar we will explore Lacan’s famous paper on the mirror stage and its dramatic consequences on the understanding of the ego and its formation in the psyche. We will also see how this conception of the ego sits at the core of Lacan’s psychoanalysis and its fundamental distinction from many other schools of psychoanalysis still prevalent today.

We meet for a close reading of Lacan’s text every Tuesday at 6pm Berlin time. We read the text slowly, delving into its intricacies and complexities. We read during sessions and not in advance. To prior knowledge of Lacan’s psychoanalysis is needed to join in.

I kindly ask participants to try and donate 5€ per session (you are welcome to pay for 4/8 sessions in advance) or a lower fee according to your income.

If you have any further questions, please let me know.

Leon Brenner

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