“The Autistic Subject” on Sale for 24.99€

I’m glad to announce that my book on autism will be sold for just 24.99€ for a short period in hardcover version.

If you are interested in purchasing a hardcover version at this price, you can do so by using the code BIGPAL21 at checkout on Palgrave.com.

Academic books are expensive. The reason for this is that academic publishers don’t expect to sell more than a few hundred copies at most. Because publishers want to cover costs and make some money, and because academic books are mostly purchased by university libraries, these books are priced very high. Academics who write books typically don’t make any royalties on the sales of the book. Considering academic books take years if not decades to complete, this is a model where we do not win financially.

This sale is an opportunity to gain access to my work at a reasonable price. The 

sale is valid until the 19th of August.

2 thoughts on ““The Autistic Subject” on Sale for 24.99€”

  1. Thanks very much for the heads up, Leon; I ordered a copy only last week but will gladly order an extra one for my daughter now.

    I was wondering though if the pdf’s of the 2 articles mentioned during the Australian Circle event are still available as I would very much like to read them after that challenging – and moving – conversation, thanks once again, Erik.


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