Published: The Autistic Mirror in the Real

My latest paper on the mirror stage in autism has just been published in the Theory & Psychology Journal. The mirror stage is one of Lacan’s most well-received metapsychological models in the English-speaking world. In it’s many versions, it comes to elucidate the different forms of identification that lead to the construction of the Freudian ego. The paper utilizes Lacan’s mirror stage in the study of autistic embodiment. It develops a model that accounts for the progression of four distinct forms of autistic identification in the mirror stage. This model is offered as an alternative to the clinical and diagnostic framework associated with the autistic spectrum disorder as it provides the basis for the development of four different clinical trajectories in the treatment of autism.

You can find the paper under this DOI or contact me personally.

From the paper: The “hollowed-out mirror” is tilted by 180 degrees and the sketching of the autistic narcissistic object on the surface of the plane mirror faces the other side.

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